Taylor Swift Replaced on Top Billoard Hot 100 by Cardi B – Juniari Hanafi (Radio Announcer)


juniarihanafi.com – Just five weeks into the Billboard Hot 100 and three weeks as champions, Taylor Swift’s song Look What You Made Me Do must be eliminated by rap raped Yellow (Money Moves) rap from Cardi B.

Cardi B’s achievements at once confirmed him as the first female rapper to reach the top of the world’s prestigious charts.

Cardi B achieved the title without the aid of any musician musician in the last 19 years since Lauryn Hill with Doo Wop in 1998.

Announced by Billboard, over the past five weeks, Bodak Yellow (Money Moves) has entered the top five of Billboard Hot 100 and overshadows Look What You Made Me Do is perched on top.

Yellow Bodes (Money Moves) written directly by Cardi B and released on June 16, it was successful to make a rapper named original Belcalis Almanzar is the fifth female rapper who has become a champion Billboard Hot 100.



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